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Identification: GHOTKI 91 Radio FM

(Under license from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to
Alive Broadcasting Company (pvt) Ltd.)

Frequency: FM 91  - 2 Kw transmitter

Areas where the Radio is listened: Whole of Ghotki district ( population near one million ) , Sukkur, Rohri, Punno Aqil in Sukkur district, Kandhkot and Kashmore and other areas in Kashmore district, Thul and some parts of district Jacobabad, district Shikarpur and a minor area of district Khairpur Mirs, Kot Sabzal and Sadiqabad in Sadiqabad district of Punjab. 

The Census 1998 Report reveals that Radio is the only medium and source of information for more than 50 percent of population in the areas where GHOTKI 91 Radio FM is listened.

The Radio has received encouraging enthusiastic response from its listeners that is why we say: Ghotki 91 Radio FM – the best time money can buy.

Indus Radios
Programmes usually run: Entertainment Music, Information, News Bulletins, women programmes, Sports, Public Awareness programmes on Career counseling, Health, Safety measures, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Irrigation, Community Development, Human Rights etc.

Listeners: Youth, both boys and girls, peasants, housewives, students, agriculturists, growers and livestock holders, lawyers, businessmen, traders, medical practitioners, bankers, government and non-governmental employees.